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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding The ReUse Centre.

Where does the money go?

We are a small local charity, we have no central funding and we rely on the income for our sales to help us achieve our charitable goals.

We have three primary charitable objectives:

  1. To provide low cost household items to people in need in the Bedford area.
  2. To keep thousands of kilos of serviceable items away from landfill and incinerators every month.
  3. To provide work skills and training opportunities to long term unemployed people in our area.

Any money we make goes towards the costs associated with running the business. These costs include:

If we make a surplus at the end of the year the money is reinvested in the business so that we can improve on our charitable objectives.

Why wouldn't your driver take my stuff?

(This is actually an infrequently asked question)

When we make an appointment it is for a viewing. If the driver feels that the items are of sufficient quality then he will collect them then and there. Sometimes, for various reasons we may not be able to take them. Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Health & Safety
    1. The size and or weight of the item would pose a risk to people or property if we move it.
    2. The route that the item has to be removed by is deemed unsafe. Most frequently this involves outdoor metal stairs, spiral staircases, narrow stairs or difficult passageways.
    3. If foam filled items such as mattresses, sofas and chairs lack the appropriate fire labels we will not take them as a donation. We can however take them for disposal - there is a charge for this service however.
  2. Quality
    1. The item is stained, torn or damaged to a point that we could not easily make it available for sale to someone else. In this case we will decline to take it.
    2. The item is clearly not working or serviceable. The only exception would be white goods, but not refrigerators.
  3. Risk of disposal costs
    1. If we accept items that we are unable to sell then eventually we will have to dispose of them. As we are a business we have to pay commercial rates for this sort of disposal. These costs have a negative impact on the charity and that may inhibit our ability to perform our core functions.
  4. Too many similar items
    1. From time to time we may find ourselves overstocked on certain items. This happens most frequently with sofas but other items can also be impacted. In these cases we may have to turn down your item for the time being. If you still have the item in a few weeks call us back, make sure we are now accepting them and if we are arrange for another collection.
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