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Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your gift to us - at no extra cost to you. If you pay tax in the UK, we can reclaim the basic rate of tax (20%) on your gift. So, if you donate £10, it is worth £12.00!

Am I eligible to sign up for Gift Aid?

If you are a UK tax payer, yes - you can sign up here. Even if you are not employed, you are still eligible if you pay tax on a personal or occupational pension, stocks and shares, bank and building society savings, rental income or overseas or UK investment dividends.

How much is it worth?

As the current base rate of income tax is 20%, we can claim 20 pence for every £1 donated. This is because you paid tax on the gross amount of the donation. This means that a £10 donation will be worth £12.00.

How does it work?

As long as a person is a UK taxpayer, and has made a declaration to that effect, we can claim Gift Aid on any amount donated by that person. When you make a donation to The ReUse Centre you will be asked to sign a gift-aid declaration.

What is a Gift Aid declaration?

A Gift Aid declaration is a simple form that you fill in with your name and home address details along with a statement confirming that you are a UK taxpayer.

I've made a declaration but I'm no longer a UK taxpayer, what should I do?

You need to let us know as soon as possible if you cease to be a UK taxpayer. This is important because we must not continue to claim Gift Aid on your donations if you cease to be a UK taxpayer. Call us on 01234 353 578 or e-mail us at

I've made a declaration but I have moved house, does it matter?

As long as we have a current home address for you, it doesn't matter that the address provided on the declaration is no longer valid we can still claim gift aid. Just make sure you let us know of any changes. Call us on 01234 353 578 or e-mail us at

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