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The ReUse Centre is open to everyone. Our primary charitable objective is to help eliminate poverty by supplying affordable household items to people in need. So, anyone in receipt of means-tested benefits can become a member and receive a substantial discount on most of our items. Membership is free to anyone receiving benefits.

Everyone else is also welcome to shop with us and you will still find that our prices are very affordable.

How to become a member

Bring some proof of your benefits (a bank statement or a letter) to either one of our sites and our colleagues will help you to complete a membership application. Approval is immediate and lasts for 12 months. At the end of that time if you are still getting any benefits you can renew for another 12 months and so on.

Partial list of applicable benefits:

If you are in receipt of some other benefit which is not listed, please call us on 01234 353 578 to discuss your eligibility. You can also download the membership form here, fill it out and return it to one of our sites.

Alternately you can e-mail the completed form, along with proof of benefits, directly to us at

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