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Pay Weekly

Do you have -

DON'T fall into the payday loan trap!

DON'T sign up for an expensive "rent-to-own" deal!

Since February 2016 - Two Bedford institutions - The Bedford Credit Union [BCU] and The ReUse Centre [TRC] - are working together to help local people afford new white goods, beds and furniture. They have developed a programme where locals can apply for an affordable loan so they can purchase brand new items for low weekly payments. The payments will be reasonable and affordable over a period of not more than 53 weeks.

The ReUse Centre started selling new goods in 2012 to fill in gaps from their donation supply chain. Chief Officer Mark Thompson said "We needed to make sure we always had a bed, a cooker or a chest of drawers when someone really needed one. The people of Bedford are very generous in donating a lot of goods to us for ReUse, but we couldn't guarantee to always have the most needed items in stock, from donations alone. We now have relationships with several companies to ensure that we always have brand new white goods, beds and furniture when people are most in need."

Keith Carter, General Manager, of Bedford Credit Union said "This is a great opportunity for BCU and TRC to reach out to more people in the area and to allow them to benefit directly by ensuring that they can get the things they most need for their homes in a way that they can afford. BCU is a not for profit organisation so our low interest rates make our payments much more affordable for people experiencing some financial hardship. With this programme you can borrow up to £350 for new household items, pay as little as £8 a week and have your loan paid off in 53 weeks or less"

People wishing to take advantage of this scheme should first visit TRC to select the goods they wish to purchase. They will then be given a letter of introduction to BCU who will then ensure that the individual can afford the loan. If their application is successful the money will be paid directly to the TRC so that the goods may be delivered.

Opening Hours

  Bedford Credit Union
6 St. Pauls Square,
Bedford, MK40 1SQ
01234 346 252
The ReUse Centre
1a Gadsby Street,
Bedford, MK40 3HP
01234 353 578
The ReUse Centre
3 Church Arcade,
Bedford, MK40 1LQ
01234 347 436
Mon 10:00 To 14:00 09:00 To 17:00 10:00 To 16:30
Tue 17:00 To 19:00 09:00 To 17:00 10:00 To 16:30
Wed 10:00 To 14:00 09:00 To 17:00 10:00 To 16:30
Thu Closed 09:00 To 17:00 10:00 To 16:30
Fri 10:00 To 14:00 09:00 To 17:00 10:00 To 16:30
Sat 09:00 To 12:00 10:00 To 16:30 09:00 To 16:30
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The ReUse Centre has been delivering value into the community and embracing the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) since 1998. The public are more than welcome to shop at 1a Gadsby Street or 3 Church Arcade but anyone in receipt of benefits gets a discount on household essentials (typically 20% on pre-loved items and 10% on new items).

Furniture Re-Use Network Community & Voluntary Service (Bedfordshire) BPHA Social Firms UK