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Our Services


We deliver within 8 miles of MK40 3HP for just £10.

As a member if you spend over £45 in one transaction delivery is FREE!

For the public we offer free delivery if you spend over £60 in one transaction.

For deliveries outside that area we charge just £1.50 per mile.


We don't charge to collect your donated items. However if you would like to make a contribution towards our costs it would be greatly appreciated. The cost of running and maintaining our fleet of vehicles is one of the bigger drains on the charity's resources.

Moving home?

We have a fleet of Luton Vans and an experienced workforce to make your move as easy and cost effective as possible. Call us to arrange for a free no obligation quote. 01234 353 578.

House clearance, garage clearance, room or business clearance

We have over sixteen years experience with house clearance. If you need to clear a property, a business, a storage space or just a few rooms we can help. By choosing us you will support the re-use of goods and material by using an environmentally friendly company for your clearance needs.

As always a free no obligation quote is just a phone call away.

Call us on 01234 353 578 and we will arrange a viewing. The team will come out to you at a mutually convenient time to assess the site and prepare a quote.

The quote you receive will take into account any disposal fees for unusable items and include all gate fees and transport required.

Stock control

No matter how well you run your business inevitably you end up with some 'stuff' that you just can't use anymore. Last year's stock, leftover office supplies, excess furniture or other items that are surplus to requirements. Whatever it may be if it's in your way we may be able to make it go away. We are willing to consider almost anything. Call us to find out if we can help.

Labour force

If you want to re-arrange your office or your home, but simply lack the muscle to make it happen, we can help. If you just need some assistance getting things done, we can help. Call us for a free no obligation quote. 01234 353 578

Wood recycling

If you have wooden furniture that is not fit for ReUse or lumber left over from a building project we can remove it for a small fee and make sure that it is recycled. Call us for a no obligation quote.

Scrap metal removal

Non-working cookers, washing machines, spin dryers, tumble dryers etc can all be collected by The ReUse Centre and sent for recycling. Other scrap metal items from your home or business can also be removed. Non-working refrigeration units can be removed and safely decommissioned for a small fee. Please call for details.

Ethical furniture disposal

The ReUse Centre is always happy to receive donations of used mattresses, provided they have fire labels and are free of stains and tears. Sometimes that is not the case, but you still need to get rid of your old mattress. We are now very pleased to be able to offer a new service to people in Bedford and the surrounding communities. Mattress Recycling. Our primary goal is to provide individuals and businesses with an easy way to help us reduce the number of discarded mattresses that end up in landfill or incineration. However we also needed to make sure that the operation would "ReUse" as many of the materials as possible and have a very small carbon footprint. Now we have found the right partner the program can begin.

Our partner uses specialist cutting tools to manually deconstruct the mattresses. This allows the materials to be segregated accurately for onward processing. Following segregation all textiles are subject to a sanitization process. These are then sold on to UK manufacturing, creating a recycled stream of products into a variety of industries. Steel is sent to steel mills for re-processing, foam is sanitized and then granulated for use in padding and underlayment products. Clean wood is sent to be re-processed for chipboard and contaminated wood and textiles are used to create energy from waste.

None of the products are exported so the carbon footprint from the recycling process is minimal. Prices start at £20, including collection for an individual mattress and drop significantly if you need us to remove and recycle a quantity of mattresses. Call us today for mattress recycling on 01234 353 578.


See the ReUpholstery page for more details.

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