What We Do

Everybody should sleep in a bed

Last year the ReUse Centre provided over 150

affordable beds to local people in need

Our Founding Goals

Alleviating Poverty

The ReUse Centre is both a registered Charity and a Social Enterprise. Based in the centre of Bedford, we support people and communities throughout the county of Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

As a Charity, we support people in need or hardship by supplying low-price re-usable goods and materials. We have no central funding so we have to rely on sales income and contributions from our members and customers for the products and services we provide.

Our main focus is the supply of re-usable furniture and domestic appliances, everything from chairs, tables and lounge suites to beds, wardrobes, washing machines and cookers. We also stock a range of affordable new beds, white goods and flat-pack furniture to meet an increasing demand from our customers.

Since January 2018 we have been operating The ReUse Pantry, #FeedBedford. Each week this "fresh food bank" feeds more than 200 local families and keeps over 1,000kg of food away from landfill. 

Help us to continue helping those suffering poverty.


Supporting Communities

The ReUse Centre has a recognised volunteering scheme which has attained the 'Investing In Volunteers' certification

We believe in unlocking the potential inside our volunteers and helping them to reach new levels or achievement. We have a long and sucessful history of working with all sorts of disadvantged people from the long-term unemployed, ex-offenders and people with a wide range of physical and mental conditions. 


It is those very same people that help us achieve our goals within the local community. Specifically they help us in Alleviating Poverty by providing affordable household items and free food. All of this of course has a positive impact upon the environment.


Protecting our Environment

Last year The ReUse Centre diverted over 165 tonnes of material away from landfill and incinerators.

Besides making thousands of household items available for ReUse every year we are now focused on several significant new initiatives to improve on that number.


Mattress recycling, wood recycling and now plastic recycling are all a part of "business as usual" at The ReUse Centre. Our team are becoming experts in dismantling, sorting and categorising a wide range of household items in order to make sure that the smallest amont of material possible goes to landfill or incineration.


Our Services

Everybody should sleep in a bed

Last year the ReUse Centre provided over 150

affordable beds to local people in need


17,000 hours of training provided

over the past year, we provided over 17,000 hours of training

to help people gain real skills and get back into work

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